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Over the last five years The Turkish Riviera has developed into a very popular area for renting or buying a (second) home. Because Turkey offers a very profitable balance between price and quality of properties. Far better than other Mediterranean countries. Which means far more interesting prospects for investors and buyers. Grand beaches and beautiful quiet bays are stretched all over the 250 km coastal area. A true paradise for sun and fun loving people but also for those who love tranquility and like to enjoy a more peaceful holiday. The culturally rich heritage of the country is unique and the local people are open and friendly.


For over centuries Alanya has been praised for her priceless beauty. No wonder:  it’s fascinating city is situated on a small hill with the grand Taurus mountains at its north side and the inviting Mediterranean sea at its south side.

Many people have already fallen in love with Alanya's warm sun, her endless coast with beautiful natural beaches, her majestic history and her countless sights. Also her quiet bays with its docks and small boats that take you to even smaller bays with a treasure of sights are an attraction you must experience. Treat yourself to this Turkish paradise on earth; it will be love at first sight!

Alanya, a favourite spot to live

In Alanya the sun shines for at least 300 days a year. Winters are mild and summers are warm. The Taurus Mountain range surrounding Alanya prevents cold winds from reaching the area and so it is possible to swim in the lovely Mediterranean for at least 9 months a year. A great variety of fruit and vegetables grow in this mild climate.

Rivers and beaches

The RIVER DIM has its source in the Taurus Mountains and flows into the Mediterranean to the east of Alanya. In summer there are field restaurants along its banks with tables and comfortable cushions placed under beautiful old plane trees. When it gets really hot the tables are set in the river itself and guests sit barefoot in the cool water. In the heat of summer the valley and its lush green forests provide a lovely cool environment to enjoy the traditional dishes of the area. Trout is one of the favorites - they are kept in pools in the gardens of the restaurant - and are prepared to your taste on the spot.

The area also has good mountain-biking and trekking possibilities. 

CLEOPATRA BEACH is a beautiful beach to the west of the peninsula and the old fortress town. It is said that, after her wedding, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra went on a voyage in the Mediterranean and had a rest in the bay of Alanya, where she bathed in its clean, clear waters. It is a very popular beach with tourists all year round. There is a nice long swim from the beach all along the coast to Fosforlu cave. 

KEYKUBAT or BEGONVIL BEACH is another popular beach. Situated to the east of the Alanya peninsula it extends for 3 kilometers. There are life guards patrolling the beach, the sea and the beach are sandy, there are parks and hotel gardens along the shore and lots of water sports activities take place. Refreshment stalls provide deck chairs, parasols and all kinds of snacks and drinks. Entrance is free of charge. 

INCEKUM BEACH is at 25 kilometers west of Alanya. The car park is next to the road. The beach and the sea are sandy (Incekum means Fine Sand). The beach is in a wide bay and it extends for about 1 km. The sea is quite shallow and is ideal for young children learning to swim. Refreshment stalls provide all the necessary services: such as parasols and snacks and drinks. Entrance is free of charge.

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